My eyes have gotten worse over time. Slowly I started not being able to see the board in school. This year it was just to much. I couldn’t even read when sitting in the front of the class. So I went into Costco and had my eyes examined…and yes I either needed Contacts or Glasses. I didn’t want to have to deal with contacts so I opted for the Glasses. I actually really like wearing them. It is amazing how much better I can see. Everything has more detail and the color is incredible. I can not believe that I went 4 years with bad eyes…I don’t blame my parents…I never told them really.I decided to get a thicker rimmed frame because I am not a fan of just the little piece of thread holding up a frameless eyeglass. Costco has good deals on everything so their glasses were reasonable. I got a pair of sixty dollar converse frames and the lenses were twenty nine. I wear them all day and hate taking them off…my vision is just so blurry. My padre y madre are surprised I wear them as much as I do. I have missed so much detail in the past years…these glasses are amazing.


2 thoughts on “Glasses”

  1. Thanks for being nice and not blaming me. You actually told me a hundred times but I thought you didn’t know what you were talking about.

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