John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Joe Biden….

I have been pretty interested in this political season this year. I guess now that I have a better understanding of Government I am more involved in the goings on in the election. Like most of the family I am most described as a Republican. Although I think it is most important to choose the candidate that makes the best fit for America at this exact moment. So…I guess I could be called a Moderate. Yet then again…I haven’t found a democrat that turns my head their way yet. I was really impressed with Mitt Romney and feel that he should have been nominated as the Republican Candidate….but for some reason the nation wasn’t ready….I just can’t put my finger on why though? I bet it had to do with the way all his ideas seemed to be well thought out and exactly what the nation needs at this time…yeah I bet it was that. But there is always another election and I hope we see him again. The Democrats have chosen their candidate, Barack Obama. He obviously fit with what the Democratic party was looking for at this time. What exactly they found…I couldn’t say? He inspires his crowds of thousands with his messages of change. Okay….Change….can you elaborate Mr. Obama? I have friends that are deep Obama supporters and I often ask them why the like him, and I never can get a clear answer. I always get, “He is all about change?” So many people have just jumped on the band wagon with Mr. Obama. He was something new and fresh. He had has a certain charm about him the make people crazy. He has become a Celebrity and we all know that in the end all celebrities either wash up or host reality tv shows. Obama decided on his running mate of Joe Biden…which turned out to be a mistake I think…he needed the woman…he needed Hillary. Instead he choose the safest route, the safest is never the best way to where you are going.

I really didn’t ever consider John McCain as one of my top choices for President…but as time roles on I like him more and more. As a war hero-prisoner of war-he has defiantly served his country. He has the battle wounds, he can no longer raise his arms more than about shoulder height. He has common and realistic goals that this nation can actually meet. Then he did something that really opened a huge flood gate when he announced that his running mate would be Sarah Palin. Sarah is an amazing person in my opinion. I always hear that she has no experience and is not qualified to be President if need be. Well…she is a Govenor…she is more qualified than Obama already…and she isn’t even a Presidential Candidate…she is only going for VP.

Well that is my opinion on some issues. I have a lot more I could talk about…but Its late.


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