College and Work

Well I just wanted to talk today about college and work. I will start out by talking about college and work my way into talking about work.

College has been pretty great. Nothing to terrible has happened and I like most of my teachers. It was a little hard getting used to all of the differences between it and High School. The freedom is really great. Most days I either am off by 12 or don’t start class until 12 so it is very nice. My teachers differ quite a bit and that is good. These are the classes I am taking.

Math 015- I am in the lowest possible math class that I could get into-It is really embarrassing… but I have never been good at math.

Logic and Critical Thinking- This class is pretty challenging and gets your brain thinking. It is basically a class that teaches you the structure of arguments and how to decipher if an argument is a good one.

United States History to 1873- This is also a pretty challenging class mainly due to the professor. He grades hard… and I mean hard. Even if you get the answer right and know it… it isn’t good enough. You have to have amazing detail to receive an A. Tasha and I have this class together.

Speech and Communication- I feel like I just took this class last year in high school-It is exactly the same-very repetitive. But I love speech so it will be fun.

Basics of Performance- This is my theatre class and the instructor is a very odd Hippie named Joe Jacoby but he is a great teacher and I have learned a lot so far.

I hope to make it on the deans list for both years at North Idaho College.

I had my first and second day of work this last week. I trained and began work on Wednesday. I trained for a couple of hours and then then put me to work at a register and doing recovery work( cleaning up the mess that customers leave behind in their shopping excursions). Then I worked again Friday night and had a blast. I really do enjoy it. I work again next Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. I will usually work nights doing close and things like that. I really had fun. I make $7.00 an hour. So it will at least give me some spending cash while in school.

Here are some old photos I dug up. I really like the one of Farley, and the other is my favorite picture of Boden and me.


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