Interview at TJ MAXX

I have been looking for a job-sorta-for a little bit here. So I applied at the Local TJ MAXX store. Mind you it is not one of the other clothing franchises sister stores. You may have heard of one way back east! It is called, I shoot you not, Bob’s. The day after I applied for TJ MAXX-not Bob’s-I was called in for an interview. Now I have never experienced a real interview in my 18 years, but what I could stitch together from movies I knew what I was going into. BOY was I wrong. It seems that television has yet to show the real side of the NEW large corporation interviews. These are known as Group Interviews. I had no idea I was even going into a group interview until I arrived. I was asked to join a group of individuals in a small office. We were all given a nice comfortable black office chair. Awkward silence of course ensued. Then the store assistant manager and an actual assistant to the assistant manager came in with notebooks and plopped down at a desk. They began by giving a little overview of what was going to happen during this 45 minute group interview. I thought okay…so 45 minutes with the group then individual interviews! Nope…I was wrong. Before I get to far ahead of myself let me give a little overview of the fine citizens of Idaho that made up our group. There were two younger girls. One of these girls was my age and the other of high school age. The older girl seemed quite normal and nice…at times shy. The other girl was the most annoying creature you could possibly find. Every answer she gave was obviously exaggerated upon, and her voice made you wish for the sounds of dyeing cat. Then there were two older ladies. One was an ex-Center Partners-a call center-employee and every answer she gave consisted of informing us all were she had previously been employed. The other older woman was new to the area. She was extremely shy and her hillbilly accent made it impossible to understand what in the world she was saying. Then that left me and another guy about my age. This other guy was the worst part of the entire experience. When asked the various questions: What is the hardest time you ever had getting to work?, What is your name?, What type of hours are you looking for?, How many hours do you consider part-time and full-time? He would honestly give an answer that made him seem perfect. When asked the question about the hardest time every getting to work or school on time, he answered that he had never been late before in his life. The manager looked at him and said, “Everyone has been late one time or another in their life…so are you sure?” He responded, “Nope I am never late,” I wanted to shoot him the face. I can honestly say that group interviews are terrible. I spoke up first during the interview, but never tried to answer first all the time-like the annoying high school girl. I made sure to smile…no one else could get past a scared look on their faces. I spoke loud and clear-while others mumbled their way through a simple sentence. The guy that seemed oh so perfect actually interrupted one of the girls in the middle of one of her answers to give the manager a list of the hours he was available. Once again it created awkwardness and I wanted to shoot him in the face. At the end of the interview the manager told us she would be giving us a call if she wanted to speak with us further or we would be sent a letter. I guess from this rant you can tell that I think I did well….but then again…..who they hire is up to them.


2 thoughts on “Interview at TJ MAXX”

  1. It might be hard to get a job with your anger issues. When you stop wanting to shoot people in the face then we will have made progress.

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