My eyes have gotten worse over time. Slowly I started not being able to see the board in school. This year it was just to much. I couldn’t even read when sitting in the front of the class. So I went into Costco and had my eyes examined…and yes I either needed Contacts or Glasses. I didn’t want to have to deal with contacts so I opted for the Glasses. I actually really like wearing them. It is amazing how much better I can see. Everything has more detail and the color is incredible. I can not believe that I went 4 years with bad eyes…I don’t blame my parents…I never told them really.I decided to get a thicker rimmed frame because I am not a fan of just the little piece of thread holding up a frameless eyeglass. Costco has good deals on everything so their glasses were reasonable. I got a pair of sixty dollar converse frames and the lenses were twenty nine. I wear them all day and hate taking them off…my vision is just so blurry. My padre y madre are surprised I wear them as much as I do. I have missed so much detail in the past years…these glasses are amazing.


Fall in Coeur D’ Alene

“No Lifeguard on Duty”

“Fall on the Lake”
Well Summer is officially over. Fall has already set in up here in Coeur D’ Alene. We have had cold weather-nothing above 60 degrees since the actual first day of Fall. I went downtown to take some pictures and got some good shots of the changing leaves. It was strange the trees closest to the lake were all changed and the others were not.

“Coeur D’ Alene Resort”

John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Joe Biden….

I have been pretty interested in this political season this year. I guess now that I have a better understanding of Government I am more involved in the goings on in the election. Like most of the family I am most described as a Republican. Although I think it is most important to choose the candidate that makes the best fit for America at this exact moment. So…I guess I could be called a Moderate. Yet then again…I haven’t found a democrat that turns my head their way yet. I was really impressed with Mitt Romney and feel that he should have been nominated as the Republican Candidate….but for some reason the nation wasn’t ready….I just can’t put my finger on why though? I bet it had to do with the way all his ideas seemed to be well thought out and exactly what the nation needs at this time…yeah I bet it was that. But there is always another election and I hope we see him again. The Democrats have chosen their candidate, Barack Obama. He obviously fit with what the Democratic party was looking for at this time. What exactly they found…I couldn’t say? He inspires his crowds of thousands with his messages of change. Okay….Change….can you elaborate Mr. Obama? I have friends that are deep Obama supporters and I often ask them why the like him, and I never can get a clear answer. I always get, “He is all about change?” So many people have just jumped on the band wagon with Mr. Obama. He was something new and fresh. He had has a certain charm about him the make people crazy. He has become a Celebrity and we all know that in the end all celebrities either wash up or host reality tv shows. Obama decided on his running mate of Joe Biden…which turned out to be a mistake I think…he needed the woman…he needed Hillary. Instead he choose the safest route, the safest is never the best way to where you are going.

I really didn’t ever consider John McCain as one of my top choices for President…but as time roles on I like him more and more. As a war hero-prisoner of war-he has defiantly served his country. He has the battle wounds, he can no longer raise his arms more than about shoulder height. He has common and realistic goals that this nation can actually meet. Then he did something that really opened a huge flood gate when he announced that his running mate would be Sarah Palin. Sarah is an amazing person in my opinion. I always hear that she has no experience and is not qualified to be President if need be. Well…she is a Govenor…she is more qualified than Obama already…and she isn’t even a Presidential Candidate…she is only going for VP.

Well that is my opinion on some issues. I have a lot more I could talk about…but Its late.


Alright, here are some more pictures. I have been taking quite a lot lately. I am slowly learning how to use the camera to its full potential and also learning how to edit with my Mac. The girl you see in a couple of the pictures is Lindsay DeLong. Downtown Coeur D’ Alene is one of the coolest places to take pictures. I have a couple more that I will upload randomly with others that I take.

Oh and the one with the jawbone…. I thank Farley for finding it and leaving it in the middle of the lawn.

College and Work

Well I just wanted to talk today about college and work. I will start out by talking about college and work my way into talking about work.

College has been pretty great. Nothing to terrible has happened and I like most of my teachers. It was a little hard getting used to all of the differences between it and High School. The freedom is really great. Most days I either am off by 12 or don’t start class until 12 so it is very nice. My teachers differ quite a bit and that is good. These are the classes I am taking.

Math 015- I am in the lowest possible math class that I could get into-It is really embarrassing… but I have never been good at math.

Logic and Critical Thinking- This class is pretty challenging and gets your brain thinking. It is basically a class that teaches you the structure of arguments and how to decipher if an argument is a good one.

United States History to 1873- This is also a pretty challenging class mainly due to the professor. He grades hard… and I mean hard. Even if you get the answer right and know it… it isn’t good enough. You have to have amazing detail to receive an A. Tasha and I have this class together.

Speech and Communication- I feel like I just took this class last year in high school-It is exactly the same-very repetitive. But I love speech so it will be fun.

Basics of Performance- This is my theatre class and the instructor is a very odd Hippie named Joe Jacoby but he is a great teacher and I have learned a lot so far.

I hope to make it on the deans list for both years at North Idaho College.

I had my first and second day of work this last week. I trained and began work on Wednesday. I trained for a couple of hours and then then put me to work at a register and doing recovery work( cleaning up the mess that customers leave behind in their shopping excursions). Then I worked again Friday night and had a blast. I really do enjoy it. I work again next Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. I will usually work nights doing close and things like that. I really had fun. I make $7.00 an hour. So it will at least give me some spending cash while in school.

Here are some old photos I dug up. I really like the one of Farley, and the other is my favorite picture of Boden and me.

$$$$$ I am Looking at Pockets full of Cash….


I just had my second interview with TJ MAXX today. Let me fill you in a little. I had a group interview(there is a post about it) about a week ago. I was called yesterday and they wanted me to come in for a second interview. I obliged and went in today……YOUR looking at the newest member to the TJ MAXX family.

I was hired.

I will start working… part-time..10-20 hours a week at I believe $7.50 an hour. I am used to $10 an hour under the table from my other jobs. But hey whatcha gunna do.