1-2-Buckle My Shoe!

I start school tomorrow! I am currently an enrolled student at North Idaho Community College. I am a Theatre Major pursuing my associates of art. I am also in the transfer theatre program. This means that after I finish at NIC I will transfer to a four year university(Southern Utah University). I start tomorrow with two of my classes. My first class starts at Noon-Speech 101-then my last class ends at 1:50-Theatre. So Monday is an easy day for the semester, until Oct 13. Oct 13 is when I add my other theatre class. That class is from 2 to 5:45.

I am really looking forward to starting. I am admittedly nervous. I plan to work my butt off and go straight A’s all the way to the Dean’s List.

My parents have been amazing and have paid for everything.

I had been awarded a $1000 scholarship from my High School Theatre Department and so that paid for half of my fall tuition…the other half goes to spring semester. So my parents paid the remaining bill. They also bought my books….all $520 worth of them.

Then comes their best gift of all…..My Apple MacBook. It is great! As we speak I am:

Online Blogging
Creating a Movie
Editing Photos
Syncing my Iphone
Listening to Music
Organizing my School Schedule
Burning a DVD

With not a sign of lagging. It is fast and has a huge amount of memory.

Apple truly makes the best computers around!


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