Becoming Mr. Bryant Larsen

So I have decided to grow up just a tad. I guess my life of unlimited and worry free time needs to end at some point. I call this new process, “Becoming Mr. Bryant Larsen.” I used to fear the day that I would be called Mr. Larsen, but now I embrace it in all its glory. I started applying for jobs today. I decided to start with the bigger company’s. I applied(Online)to: Home Depot, Best Buy, Borders, Target, Costco, Fred Myer, and Shopko. I hope something comes from it. Each online application was a brutal half an hour process. Each one consisted of a 40 page personality test. I could have shot myself by the last one. The questions were all the same and complete nonsense. Ex.

1. Say a customer is shouting at you in front of other customers what do you do?

a. Try to reason with the Customer, and call over you supervisor.

b. “Hit them over the head with a tack hammer because they are a retard”

c. Gather as many of your associates as possible and perform a lynching on aile five.

d. Call 911 and demand a SWAT team be sent.

So like the good test taker I am I of course picked the right answer. B….Actually that question wasn’t too far off from what they really were like. I hope you caught the quote from Tommy Boy….

Another part of “Becoming Mr. Bryant Larsen” is to finally grow out a goatee. I probably could have done so for awhile now…but never had the courage to face my peers with a rodent stuck to my face…but now I find the allure of a goatee….alluring.

Going to Utah this year was my last free pace before starting my real life. It was nice. I started off by driving to Utah with my Mom’s friend and client. It was actually a very relaxing drive. We managed to have a good 13 hour conversation with not a single awkward moment. I love awkward moments when they do happen though…awkward moments are the hardest moments to portray in truth on stage. Anyhow, I finally got to Utah. I arrived in Midway and a gorgeous day. While in Midway I helped Grandpa paint the Shed and then organized behind it. I admit it was a bit tedious scraping paint chip after paint chip off the shed(No I didn’t eat any…well actually I did….by accident!)but I enjoyed it. Grandpa was very generous and paid me for helping him. Thanks Gramps!! My Bro Tyrone then came up and picked me up with Boden and Jett. We stayed in Midway for two nights. It was a blast hanging in the yard with the boys, Grandpa, Tyrone, Adalee, and Uncle Adam. I then headed to St. George. I stayed at Ty’s house for most of my time there. I had a blast with the Boys and Sloan. I then headed up to Cedar City for the annual Shakespearean Festival. This year was a great season…not my favorite…but very excellent. I arrived in Cedar with Ty in his Big O’ Propane Truck. We pulled into the Hotel parking lot…saw grandma pull in also. I got out of the truck got all my stuff and was walking over to the car when they looked straight at me. I waved. They didn’t…and drove away. I guess they didn’t see me and so me and Ty had to go find them…eventually I spotted her at Hermies Hamburgers. I found it very very funny. While in Cedar we saw: Tamming of the Shrew, Othello, Fiddler on the Roof, Two Gentleman of Verona. My favorite being Two Gents. I then had a blast down in St. George with everyone. Then the Reunion came upon us and I was up in Midway again…it was also a blast. Ruth Lake in the Unitas was a highlight of the trip. I hope to get to go back in next year. I have about 100 pictures and 30 minutes of video that I will get to posting someday.

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