North Idaho College

I am sitting here waiting for my college registration to take place and I really am quite bored. I plan on gaining my degree in the theatre arts. Then tansfer to southern Utah University hopefully to continue studying theatre there !


Theatre Update

With summer upon us…the local theatre is not. During the summer season many of the permanent local theatres close. While CDA Summer Theatre is a massive event with many Musicals to pick from…I was unable to audition do to time constraint at the end of my school year. The next show I will be auditioning for is the American Classic Oklahoma. You may remember some songs from Oklahoma: Oh What a Beautiful Morning, A Surey with a Fringe on Top, Oklahoma, and the Dream Sequence. This show is performing at the Spokane Civic Theatre. That would make it the first time I have auditioned there…so I would be happy to take anypart. It is all about getting your foot in the door. I may also be auditioning for North Idaho College’s performances…I just don’t know what they are yet. Then the same time as Beauty and the Beast was I will be auditioning for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Christian Youth Theatre. So I have some fun shows that I am able to audition for…I just wish I could perform right now.

Battle of the Shrews

I have now seen three professional versions of Tamming of the Shrew.

2004 Utah Shakespearean Festival-Tamming of the Shrew

2007 Oregon Shakespeare Festival-Tamming of the Shrew

2008 Utah Shakespearean Festival-Tamming of the Shrew

As you can see the three pictures give you a good example of the difference in each production. Just take a look and each picture gives off a diffrent story. Of the three the 2008 production was by far my favorite.