So Much To Do…So Little Time.

Well it is official, 5 Weeks left of my High School career. Although, the hardest stuff is coming at the end. In the next 3 weeks I have to accomplish the impossible:

*May 5-7 Finish Directing and Perfecting my Senior Project Play.

*May 8 The show Begins

*May 10 Senior Ball

*May 9-15 The Senior Project Presentation must be completed, and a practice
presentation is needed.

*May 9-22 Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast-Plus memorization of Songs and Lines.

*May 23 Opening Night of Beauty and the Beast and Senior Project Presentations that Morning.

*May 24-June 1 Shows of Beauty and the Beast 11 Shows

*May 4-June 4 Regular School Work, Finals, and Everything

*June 5 Music Recital

*June 6 Graduation Rehearsal….then Graduation.

I am sure I am forgeting half of it.

But this will be my life. For those who have ever said that Senior Year was the easiest…shame on you…you lied to me.

I am actually really stressed lately about getting it done…but I just need to time manage a bit here for awhile.

Beauty and the Beast is really exciting and things are coming together nicely. My $50 script was stolen at school so I had to get a new one…all my blocking(movement on stage) was written in it…so now I have to remember it all. I think I figured most of it out.

Graduation is June 6th and that day seems so far away at this point but I know it will come fast. I need to apply to North Idaho College soon and then off to college…….to start school all over again………….aghhhhhhhhhhhh. But I have decided to go two years at North Idaho College, transfer to Souther Utah University to the Theatre Program for another 4 years, eventually getting my Master in Theatre for Acting and Directing, but also getting my teaching degree, then going another two years to get a PHD that will allow me to teach Theatre in a college…Possibly SUU…and then I could work at the Utah Shakespeare Festival during the summer as a resident actor…or I could work at Southern Oregon University and then work at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as a resident actor there….oh so far away.


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