Beauty and the Beast…. A Preview.

Nothing is completed Yet. Just a sample…

Belle Has a whole other yellow dress…they made this one in two hours…just for the cover photo…


Whatever happend to the boy named Boo?

I am sorry for the really long break that I have been “enjoying” from this blog. Really though, I hate when I can not find the time to write things down. It is a good cleanser of the mind.

Winter is slowly losing its tightly grasped hand here in North Idaho. Although, tomorrow is forcasted at a lovely below freezing temperature and possible snow is certain. School is going really great. Thirty Three offical school days left until graduation. It seems like all the teachers are piling up the homework for the End of Course Tests that we get to take at the end of each year.

Beauty and the Beast has officaly started rehearsals. It couldnt possibly be anymore fun. Once again my time is limited….Lines to be Memorized, School Work to be…well…worked, and Sleep to be Slept.