Spring Time

Well it is offical, The First Day of Spring. By the looks of Coeur D’ Alene you wouldn’t think so. Four inches of snow today. Thats a great way to kick off spring…with a nice healthy blizzard. You can tell that we are all getting sick of the snow. At school I constantly hear, “Geeze Geeze Geeze..More Snow.” Just add some “color” to that sentence and you get the basics.

I compete in District Speech tomorrow.

I have no idea how this event functions. It is all new to me. My English teacher invited me to compete in Dramatic Interpretation with the Debate team. From what I know its is basically like District Drama just a more strict guidline to voice and speech. I will be performing a piece from Dr. Faustus. I will let you know how things go. I have to get up at 5 A.M. to get to the school and on the bus. It is an all day event and will most likely prove to be a blast!

Doctor Faustus at the Utah Shakespeare Festival!

Farley is doing well. He is begining to loose his winter coat. Oh its a mess. So much hair. Everywhere.


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