Beauty and the Beast!

I had my first Christian Youth Theatre audition this weekend. It began with a massive audition for everyone. I sang On the Street Where you live from My Fair Lady, I was given lots of compliments and I was very excited. That night I got an e-mail saying I was called back the next day to read and sing for Gaston and the Beast. So today all the people called back went through massive audition. We had to sing and dance as an ensemble and slowly through out the day they cut more and more people away. I had to sing and read for Gaston and the Beast. The songs I sang where Me and If I can’t Love Her Again. I was at the audition for a good 6 hours. After the audition a bunch of my friends and I ate and hung out. I got home around 7. Auditions started at 10. It was a very long day.

The Cast List was just posted!

I got the Part of The Beast.

I am extremly excited. The show is going to be amazing.

The show will be performed in the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane:

Built in 1915 by August Paulsen, originally used as a silent film movie house
In 1988 Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities, owner of The Met has restored this elegantly defined neo-classical theater
Dazzling restoration is meticulous in every detail and incorporates today’s highest technical standards without compromising historic integrity
The Met seats approximately 750 people and is wheelchair accessible
Orchestra – 304; Balcony – 454
Completely equipped for all types of performing arts events
Stage, custom stage floor and dressing rooms are available
Extraordinary acoustics
The Metropolitan Performing Arts Center received the Spokane Arts Commission Annual Arts Award – Business Benefactor Award – 1996
Voted the “Best Live Music Venue” in the Inland Northwest (1998 – 2000) according to polled readers of The Inlander
The Met’s manager, Michael Smith, received the Spokane Arts Commission
Annual Arts Award – Arts Community Leadership Award – 2000
Mitch and Cindy Silver, owners of Silver Collector Car Auctions purchase the Met Theater in the Fall of 2004.

The show will have a 16 piece Orchestra. Which for a CYT show is incredible.

Here is the Cast List

If you can make it that would be wonderful!

Here are Show Dates: Also My Graduation is June 6th! You could make a week up here in Idaho….I guess just watching me! : )

May 23, 24, 30, 31, June 1- Two Shows fall on Saturdays.

Plust School Days: May 27th and 28th-These Shows are for local Schools. I get to miss school. Two shows on these days as well.


Off To State Speech

Today was District Speech. This was something that I never have done before, and I was pretty nervous about it. It turned out to be very similar to District Drama in many ways. I performed in three rounds and was judged just the same as Drama. When they announc who advances to state the just read off who qualifies…no placement. I find what place I took on Monday. I will be in Rupert, Idaho for State Speech on April 18th and 19th. If any of you would like to come watch…it could be fun.

Dr. Faustus.

Spring Time

Well it is offical, The First Day of Spring. By the looks of Coeur D’ Alene you wouldn’t think so. Four inches of snow today. Thats a great way to kick off spring…with a nice healthy blizzard. You can tell that we are all getting sick of the snow. At school I constantly hear, “Geeze Geeze Geeze..More Snow.” Just add some “color” to that sentence and you get the basics.

I compete in District Speech tomorrow.

I have no idea how this event functions. It is all new to me. My English teacher invited me to compete in Dramatic Interpretation with the Debate team. From what I know its is basically like District Drama just a more strict guidline to voice and speech. I will be performing a piece from Dr. Faustus. I will let you know how things go. I have to get up at 5 A.M. to get to the school and on the bus. It is an all day event and will most likely prove to be a blast!

Doctor Faustus at the Utah Shakespeare Festival!

Farley is doing well. He is begining to loose his winter coat. Oh its a mess. So much hair. Everywhere.

Beauty and the Beast the Musical

I am about to begin classes in Spokane at a theatre called CYT. CYT-Christian Youth Theatre- is a really neat theatre based all around the country. Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) after-school theater arts education program for children ages 6-18. CYT-Spokane holds 10 week classes in the fall, winter, & spring. During the Summer CYT-Spokane holds Summer Theater Camps. This is the class I am taking:

Teachers: Anne Mitchell
Prerequisite:Musical Theater, Core Dance, Core Voice
Combine singing, presentational acting and movement, and you have got the musical theater style of acting. Because of the popularity of musicals, this class will actually rehearse and perform scenes from Hairspray the musical. This class is for CYT students that desire to build their skills.

You have to take a class before you can audition for their shows. The next up coming show is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the Musical.

For the Audition I am going to sing one of these three songs:

On The Street Where You Live
How To Handle a Woman