I hate Driving!

Have I ever mentioned…..that I despise driving? I hate it with every fiber of my being. This last month of driving has been particularly devilish. A couple weeks ago I had finished a breakfast with my friends. It had been a very pleasant morning. I had enjoyed some eggs and fruit at the local Denny’s Dinner. I was on my way home and decided not to take the major highway and took the small back roads of Hayden. I had just passed by my lovely high school when……a cop passes me. I was going under the speed limit like I always do…but still passing a cop is so nerve racking. I watched in my mirror as he turned on his lights and flipped around. I moved over to the side of the road…and he followed. I then went through the normal police fun. It turns out that my tags were expired…and WHAM….75 dollar fine. This was not my fault…my parents were supposed to take care of this.

Then yesterday! I was driving to Spokane to do my Senior Mentoring for My Senior Project and I was driving on the freeway. This was the first time I had been on the Freeway over to Spokane since getting my license. A PT Cruiser was following me the whole way from Couer D’ Alene…and really driving close. Around Liberty Lake there was a huge car wreck on the other side of the road and more wrecks all around. But our lane was clear. This white SUV in front of me suddenly slammed on their breaks..so i did too. The PT Cruiser did not. The driver was looking over at the wreck on the other side of the road…and WHAM. He hit me. I hate driving. Here are some pictures:


3 thoughts on “I hate Driving!”

  1. Boo , you got hit because you angered the universe for saying things like ” I enjoyed some eggs and fruit at the local Denyys Dinner” and ” particularly develish”.

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