Ye Ol’ House of Larsen

Well the weather is the same. Cold!

Winter needs to be gone with soon. I don’t think I can take anymore of it. The snow has been on the ground for almost 4 straight weeks now. Thats enough to make one go nuts. It is snowing, or was snowing, right about now. Thats all I need, more snow.

My school year has been going good. I have Senior(itis) like you wouldn’t believe. I truly want to head off to college. I have decided to go two years at the local Community college, North Idaho College, for my first two years. I think that if their is a college close to home…then go. It is going to be a cost efficent college. Also I get to live at home for two more years. Then I am going to transfer to Southern Utah University or Southern Oregon University. Both Universities offer a great theatre program and place me next to either the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Speaking of Shakespeare festivals-both look like they are going to have some great shows. Utah is doing Cyrano de Bergerac! Always a classic. While Oregon is putting on Our Town-also a classic. I recently held auditions for War Letters and casted it with out any problems. I start rehearsal tuesday. Monday is presidents day so I recieved a four day weekend. Lucky for me I get to spend it writing a couple of essays and figuring out all the details of my Senior Project. I am hoping to have a busy schedule around May with; War Letters, Hopefully-Beauty and the Beast the Musical, My Birthday, Spring Play, and then June 6th is my graduation. It is hard to believe that I will be 18 in a couple of months. I was just telling my mom today that I still could play with Star Wars action figures and Hot Wheels if I wanted to. I guess it is the theatre in me…I still have an imagination. Thats why I like have Boden and Jett around, I can play with cars and not get made fun of. Farley is doing well. I feel sorry he has to be outside in the cold all the time…I let him in the garage on the cold nights. Here are some pictures just for fun:


One thought on “Ye Ol’ House of Larsen”

  1. Bryant, I hope you don’t find it too creepy but I came across your blog and think you’re a great fit for Southern Oregon University. As the Director of Admissions for Southern I’m paid to say that but, honestly, I really enjoy the blog. Good work. If you have any questions I hope you’ll drop me a line (Mark @ 800-482-7672 x6412) Here is another blog with a different angle on Southern ( Take good care, Bryant . . . and break a leg!

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