Oh Larsen- an Ode to Larsen

Oh Larsen
That Faithful Name
From Denmark it Came

Oh Larsen
Sing Forth Your Holy Claim
The Rightful Lord and Dane

Oh Larsen
Drink Up Your Ale and Meat
Onward to the Sea to Beat

Oh Larsen
With beard of Fire and Heart of Steel
Search the Land for all they Kill

Oh Larsen
Plunder the world of treasures and women
Take what was rightfully ours and our shaman

Oh Larsen
Of Noble Birth and Strong Build
Keep the the secrets of our Guild

Oh Larsen
Our Mighty women with babes in arms
Keeping them safe and tending the barns

Oh Larsen
Our women sing as we charge to the sea
We raise our swords and let it be

Oh Larsen
The women don’t weep the babes do not cry
They are coming back no reason to pry

Oh Larsen
In battle they fight not a one to the ground
Rejoice in the times in the treasures they found

Oh Larsen
To Denmark they sail still Noble and Strong
To their women and babes for what they do long

Oh Larsen
Rejoice in the times of the old
It is dieing out and the world to fold
Oh Larsen
Oh Larsen
Oh Larsen


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