I think I should have been born British.

In theatre I have played so many roles that consist of a British accent that I find it hard to not speak with one while acting. I also like to narrate my life when am not paying attention in some classes. It is usually in a british accent. Therefore this was taken from my mind:


Snow Day!

Yet again I have been blessed by the wonderful practice of closing schools when the weather becomes extreme. Another Snow Day has been decleared. All of Spokane and a majority of North Idaho schools are closed. Spokane has had their schools closed all weekend. This is because of the bad road conditions, and lack of plows. I had school on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not today or Monday. The possibility of another snow day is “likely”. More extreme weather is on its way at the moment. Here are a few pictures. It really does not show the amount of snow we have.

Snow Day Pictures:

Out the Front Door.

Path to Front Door.

Why am I scared of the dark?

Why am I scared of the Dark?-A look inot my mental past, to discover the cause of this irrational fear-

For as long as I can remember I have always turned the bathroom light on before going to bed. Not because I was I was losing my mind, but because I lacked the ability to sleep if it was dark. This fear is nothing new. If I fall asleep and one of my parents shut the light off, and I wake up, I wake completly. I try to adjust my eyes as fast as I can, I jump out of bed and turn the light back on. The question I guess is, why am I afraid of the dark?

Plain old Fear
Mentall sanity lost forever
The fear of the things in the dark, not neccesarily the dark itself

Who knows, bu tone thing is sure. I hate the dark.

Snow Day!

Well here I am. Sitting at home. School is closed today. I massive snow storm has hit North Idaho, and dropped a good two feet of snow. They expect it to snow another 15 inches by thursday. I am really not looking forward to more snow.