Top Ten Inventions of All Time according to Bryant Larsen

10. Digital Camera- Makes taking and editing pictures a breeze.

9. Computer- Stay in contact with the family.

8. Automobile-Without it would take a year to get from Salt Lake City to Downtown Salt Lake City.

7. Microsoft Power Point- School would be bland without it.

6. Sharpie- whats life without it?

5. Airplane- 6 months on a boat? or 3 hours by plane? You decide…

4. Backpack- Try carying over 76 pounds of books and binders without it…

3. Whiteboard- No more chalkboards

2. Mechanical Pencil- It makes me like writting.

1. Ipod- My littel black box of musical delight.

oh by the way….

THIS IS MY 300TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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