This next week will be a boring one. Almost in every single class we will be watching a movie until the end of the week. My Christmas vacation starts this friday and goes until January 7th. I know right? It is a wonderful Christmas break. In economics we are watching a documentary on wal-Mart made in 1994, it is stupid. In Government we are watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In English we are actually doing presentations, also we are doing presentations in speech as well. In theatre we are rehearsing for Our Town. That covers the rest of my week. I am not sure our tax dollars are paying for much this week! Farley is doing well. He is a bit bummed about the weather. Staying outside in snow can not be that much fun. We leave for Utah this saturday. Farley will be staying at a kennel(again) on christmas. I think he always ends up there. We we also be doing presents on friday. Santa will be coming to our house a few days early. I am hoping for something fun for the long car ride. It has not stopped snowing or raining here for about two weeks now. After awhile it gets old. I just hope Utah is a little less intense. I will be singing a song for the Larsen Christmas Party, possibly “If I can’t love her” from the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast, Which I will be auditioning for this next year. Also possibly “Camelot” or “Anyone can whistle.” I can not wait to see everyone. I am going to be posting alot more, just so you know. I hope to post news everyday.


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