Coeur D’ Alene High School: Edu’macation for the Future.


Speech Teacher- “In twenty years of speech I have never seen a better Mystery Guest Speaker Speech.”

Today in speech class I presented my Mystery Guest Speech. I portrayed Theodore Roosevelt. I really got into it. I had the full costume; Nickers, Bowler Hat, Mustache, Half-glasses, exc. It really was a blast. After I got done presenting the speech teacher handed me my evaluation paper. She had scribbled out all the categories and had put 100% accross the entire page. I though it was funny. She then went even farther and gave me 8 tickets. These tickets are bathroom passes. If you do not use them they are 20 points of extra credit at semester. Seeing as I never ever use public restrooms I just earned 140 extra credit. As of now I have a 98 percent in that class. Witht he 140 points of extra credit it will bring my percentage above 100%. I just figured I would share this with you. If I ever feel like dressing up again I will post a picture.

Our Town is going well. I am really enjoying the part I was given. It is very farthly and Dr.-ISH. I have some cool set design ideas and I will be designing the set for the class. I am also going to incorporate more of a modern music to the show. I have some great songs:

Runner-Dustin O’Halloran is one such song. Make sure to look it up. It is an incredible piano piece.

Also on an entertainment note. I recently saw I AM LEGEND. It is now my favorite movie of all time. I have never seen a Will Smith movie this compelling. His acting is superb and the plot, action, drama, comedy, and moments of terror blend to create, in my mind, a complete masterpiece.


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