Times are changing…

Fall has begun. Its a sad truth, really. The summer that semmed so endless, did in fact end. The nights are becoming increasingly long. The air is crisp and refreshing. The high dark clouds pour rain daily it seems. Once again its that time of year that seems to creep up on all of us. It is like a silent snake moving through the underbrush. You never see it coming untill its to late, your bit. The cold sweeps in, the aspects of seeing another summer look grim, and you slowly sink to the ground and let out that final breath of what you think is your last. Although its not. The snake turns out to be no more than a small garden snake. Your fine. The winter does not really have you beat, your will for summer is your constant support. This summer for me was a remarkable one. I did so many things that I had been dieing to do. As if my time at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is not stated enough in this blog, I still would like to mention it. It truley was a once in a lifetime expierence. Its one of those things that you could never ever forget in a million years. I have two other memories that I can never forget. One being the only time it probably ever snowed in St. George. I believe I was four. I remeber playing outside in my jeans and jacket with the puppies on it. Tyrone and Tasha were pulling eachother in a tube around the yard. When it was my turn I got in the tube. As we got going, my pants slid down and snow managed to get inside. I do believe I cried. Then Mom came and brought me inside, she sat me down with a blanket shaped like a bear or dog. It was made of a silk like material. She then turned on Barney for me, and handed me some hot chocolate. It is my first memory. Then there is my time at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This year I am a senior. It seems wierd to me that my days as a kid are almost over. In May I am an adult. It boggles my mind. Time has passed so fast, yet my freshman year seems ages ago. I have decided on my career. I am going to major in theatre arts in directing and acting. I then will procede to get my teaching degree. I hope to be able to teach Theatre in a school somewhere. I am setting my goals high for myself, as my dream is to work at either the Utah Shakespeare Festival or the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I am prepared to accept that these jobs pay little, and the actuallity of getting a role is small, even if your brilliant. Its what I love. Its what I will always do. Nothing makes me more happy, than being on stage.


One thought on “Times are changing…”

  1. Thats cool Boo. I like to hike . So you get on stage and sing dance cry and act your ass off so you can put me and my family up when your livin large in a big house with 5 cars. I wont ask for much just a roof , food and camping supplies. It’s the least you can do.

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