The Lake House

I just recently watched a movie. This movie was called “The Lake House”. It stared Keanu Reeves as Alex Wyler and Sandra Bullock as Kate Forester. If you haven’t already decided for yourself by those two names, it may have been the worse movie of all time. Lets take a look at a little of the script shall we?:

Kate: [voice over] Ridiculous. For argument’s sake, what day is it there?

Alex: April 14th, 2004.

Kate: No. It’s April 14th, 2006.

Alex: It’s the same day two years apart.
Kate: Can this be happening?

As you can tell its not the most indepth script. So Now imagine Keanu Reeves(Worlds Worst Dramatic Actor) and Sandra Bullock speaking this. I know you can imagine how horrible it really is. Here is some more script, its horrible:

Alex: This house is about connections.
Kate: Even though this is clearly impossible, it’s amazing.
Alex: [voice over] How’s your sunset?

Kate: It’s perfect.

Alex: I only wish you were here to share it with me.
Kate: I miss the Lake House. And its trees.

That one made me laugh.

Kate: It’s not meant to be.

Alex: No, don’t say that. Something must’ve happened.

My rating: D-

Critics Rating: C+

Average Rating: B

My advice is to stick with my rating, its just safe.


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