How much character is to much character?

ASPEN, Colo. – Julius Caesar lay dead and Brutus was talking to his co-conspirators about swords and blood when he paused and excused himself, saying “I seem to have stabbed myself.”
Aspen actor/director Kent Hudson Reed accidently cut his leg open with the knife he was using in an outdoor performance of “Scenes from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar” on Wednesday.
He tried to carry on, “but my boot was filling up with blood and I was flubbing my lines, wondering if I was going to pass out, wondering if the audience could see the blood.”
Portia (Susan Mauntel) took Brutus to a hospital for stitches and play narrator Tyson Young announced the performance was canceled.
“That’s what you get for trying to kill Caesar,” he said.
Reed said actors normally don’t use real knives, but the scene was set up so none of the performers were close enough to hurt each other.
“But I hadn’t thought an actor might stab himself,” he said.
Reed said the show would go on, although Brutus might be limping for a while.


The Lake House

I just recently watched a movie. This movie was called “The Lake House”. It stared Keanu Reeves as Alex Wyler and Sandra Bullock as Kate Forester. If you haven’t already decided for yourself by those two names, it may have been the worse movie of all time. Lets take a look at a little of the script shall we?:

Kate: [voice over] Ridiculous. For argument’s sake, what day is it there?

Alex: April 14th, 2004.

Kate: No. It’s April 14th, 2006.

Alex: It’s the same day two years apart.
Kate: Can this be happening?

As you can tell its not the most indepth script. So Now imagine Keanu Reeves(Worlds Worst Dramatic Actor) and Sandra Bullock speaking this. I know you can imagine how horrible it really is. Here is some more script, its horrible:

Alex: This house is about connections.
Kate: Even though this is clearly impossible, it’s amazing.
Alex: [voice over] How’s your sunset?

Kate: It’s perfect.

Alex: I only wish you were here to share it with me.
Kate: I miss the Lake House. And its trees.

That one made me laugh.

Kate: It’s not meant to be.

Alex: No, don’t say that. Something must’ve happened.

My rating: D-

Critics Rating: C+

Average Rating: B

My advice is to stick with my rating, its just safe.

Summer Seminar-OSF-Summer Seminar

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival Summer Seminar for High School Juniors is now over. I got home today, after a long drive from Ashland. The Seminar was a great expierence. I can not even begin to express how much I have learned from it. We saw 9 plays in total and attened about 40; workshops, forums, and warm-ups. The only way I can really write about the whole thing is to type up my journal that I kept while there so….here it is.
Monday 7/30
I arrived at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival around 3 in the afternoon. My flight from Spokane to Portland was a frightfull expierence. It being a prop plane, and a small prop plane at that. Then from Portland to Medford it was the same type of plane, but even more frightfull. 4 other semminar students were on the Portland to Medford flight. I was able to get to know some people beforehand. Check in went well and I meet my roomates, Langston Brand and Spencer West. So far them seem like normal people. There are some weirdos here. Although most are sane. We had our very first dinner in the SOU’s campass lunchroom. Its called the Shay Cascade, the food was alright. Its lunchroom food. We then had orientation at the Dorothy Stolp Stage in the SOU Theatre building. Joan Langley the Director of Education for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is one of the most complex persons I know. She covered every last detail of our schedule while giving us helpfull hints. She is stern but funny. In her regards to “realationships” while at the Semminar she said, “No No NO, Leave Room For Shakespeare.” After orientation we had our first workshop, RENAISSANCE DANCE with Judy Kennedy Choreographer and Renaissance Scholar. Renaissance dance may be the best thing ever. The we had affirmations with Hilary Tate, Writer and Editor, Teacher and Theatre Scholar. Affirmations was bascially a self love fest. “I am good enough, and gosh darn it am the best.” It was fun. Then we had FOB(Flat On Back, Journal writting.) Lights out soon. It is now 11:55 p.m. Lights Out Now.
I am planning on writting as much as possible, its the only way I can really explain the semminar in its fullness.
Here are some Pictures:
The Ensemble. 65 Semmies



“It goes on and on”-Seminar Swang Song Farewell

The Dorm

Prop Intensive

Sing Sing a Song

Spencer Hamilton, Claudia(OSF Teaching Artist), Spencer West

The Elizabethen Stage

The New Theatre

More Pictures Soon!