Summer has been going great so far up here in Idaho. I miss not being able to go down to Utah like I have every summer since we moved. I tradded it instead for my trip to Oregon. I am working off and on for my moms clients doing some demo, and finish work in their new home. I can go really when I feel lik going, so its nice not having to be there everyday. Farley is doing good, he adjusted fast to the new house, and he can now be let loose without the worry of him bothering the neighbors, thanks to the new fence. Father has been working lots so has Mother. So I have been doing as a please, once in awhile. I just finished reading the new Harry Potter book. Took be all night, I read from 3:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m. I then didnt go back to sleep, but instead went to work at 8. When I got home Father’s friend MJ was here so we had a BBQ and about 5 I fell asleep and woke up at 9. I think from now on I wont be staying up all night, its one of those you need it things. I leave for oregon soon, little more than a week. I have been making contacts with other kids going. I actually have the same flight from Portland to Medford with some other of the folks going. I recieved my Seminar schedule. The day I arrive(July 30th) we have; Orientations, rennaissance dance, more orientations, and then a nice bedtime of 11 or later. Then it sort of goes into a basic schedule of; vocal warmups, physical warmups, workshops, exc. The workshops include(just a few); Shakespeare voice-Speaking Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Jump Off!-Creating Hip Hop Theatre, Direcitng, and then the attendence of 7 of the Oregon Shakespeares season plays. They tell me to bring a fan, because the dorm rooms we will be staying in lack air conditioning. I am partially memorized with the things need to be. am about 34% memorized. But then again I memorize fast, when I get into it. Here are a few pictures of Farley.


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