Fourth of July!

Fireworks over Lake Couer D’ Alene!

Fire on the Water.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Well today so far has not been so fun, I had to go to work for a few hours and paint a closet. It wasn’t fun. But now I am home and I am looking forward to the massive CDA firework show tonight over Lake Couer D’ Alene. Its always a blast and there are so many people down on the beach and all over downtown, its a fun thing. I leave for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 24 Days. Its getting closer and closer and the days are flying by. I still need to memorize my things for it though. I have a greek monolouge from Agammemnon, a scene from Romeo and Juliet, a monolouge from As You Like It, and The Tempest. Plus I have to know a boat load of stuff about greek mythology. Oh and I decided that I like ice in water. I usually love warm water, room temperature anyway. But I have some ice water now, and its darn good.
The Fourth Last Year!

Farley on the Fourth!


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