Off in 30.

I leave for Oregon in some odd days. 30 to be exact. I have been working to earn a little extra money for the occasion. I do some manual labor type stuff for my moms clients; removing carpet, removing hardwoods, removing tile, removing baseboards, removing countertops, and the occasional painting of the baseboards. So far I have done about 29 hours of work, at 10 dollars an hour. So its a good amount of extra cash for Oregon. I have been looking at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival website and found some photos and videos of the plays I will be seeing. They look really incredible.All the plays are performed on three diffrent stages. There is the Elizabethan Stage/Allen Pavilion, its basically like the Elizabethen Stage in Cedar. It holds around 2,000. Then there is Angus Bowmer Theatre which holds 600. Then lastly there is the New Theatre which holds 270-360 based on how you order the seats.

Here are some pictures.

Angus Bowmer Theatre-Stage

Angus Bowmer Stage-Facade

Elizabethen Stage-During the production of Dr. Faustus
Elizabethen Stage-Replicates the Globe
New Theatre- Facade
New Theatre- One of the possible seatiing arrangments.
The Tempest
Tracys Tiger
Tamming of the Shrew
Tracys Tiger
On the Razzle

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