June 10, 2007-

School is now at an end. Summer Vacation has started and on comes the summer. For this summer I have quite a bit to do. I will be going to the Utah Shakespearian Festival on the 25th and 26th and staying in Utah for a week or so after. I was hired by my Theatre teacher to organize the theatre this summer, it will bring in around 500-600 bucks. Although the most exciting part of this summer is that I was accepted to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Summer Seminar for Juniors. 700 Juniors sent in applications and 65 were accepted and 5 were accepted as allternates. I was accepted as an alternate and just the other day I got a call that I had a spot. I will be leaving on July 30th and return on August 11. The Seminar Includes; fund raising, stage management, costume, scenic, properties, sound and lighting design, Renaissance dance, Shakespearean scansion, audition skills, stage combat, text analysis, movement and voice for the stage. The cost for the Seminar is $1245, it includes room and board at Southern Oregon University and also 9 tickets to performances. The performances are; As You Like It, On The Razzle, Gem of the Ocean, Romeo and Juliet, Tartuffe, Tracy’s Tiger, Distracted, The Tempest, and The Taming of the Shrew. “The Summer Seminar for High School Juniors offers students from all over the country the opportunity to come to Ashland and experience all aspects of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s operation. For two exciting weeks, sixty-five talented young people between their junior and senior year are thrust into a rigorous schedule which includes forums, workshops, discussions and
playgoing events. Members of the OSF company share their art, skill, insight and theatrical expertise with the group. When students return to their high schools, they will be ready to make a difference.” I am looking forward to attending, and hopefully all will work out that I can.


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