The Grass is Greener in Idaho.

Sorry about the long over due post. I just haven’t found the time or patience to sit down and write, but today I have that urge. Life is going pretty good. I am starting a new play, Alice in Wonderland. Were I will be playing the Caterpillar. Its not a very large role, but a fun one. Because it is not such large role, rehearsals are a breeze and I don’t have to go every night. The parents have been in Utah for this last week. They went to visit Ty and his family. They are on their way home now, so its time to be civilized(sorta) now again. Farley and Etnie are doing good. Farley is beginning to shed, so when he runs massive clumps of hair fall out of him. I brushed him and collected two grocery bags full of hair, and there was still more. I applied for the Oregon Shakespearean Festival Junior Seminar for over the summer. Its a 2 or 3 week training camp, that lets you work with professional; Actors, Stage Managers, Directors, Techs, and all the advanced doo-dads to go with it. I find out May 15 if I was accepted, and if so, I need to start raising the money. I would live sometime in July and get back in August. I don’t believe I will be making that trip down to Utah like I normally do. I am going to be to busy with all my doings. I really wanted to. Its sad to miss out on the Utah Shakespearean Festival this year, but hopefully I can get some what of the same experience if I make it to the Oregon one. The weather is slowly getting warmer, ranging from 50s-70s. The suns out quite a bit, and the grass is beginning to grow(not really in my favor). The birds are out, and so are the bugs. Although since I have been up here, I probably have never been bitten by more than 7 blood sucking Mosquito’s. So its not to bad.


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