Spring Break!

Well its Spring Break here in little Coeur D’ Alene. I still haven’t decided if it is actually spring. For it has been around 50-70 degrees on average over the past week. Although one of those days, it snowed two inches and then melted in two hours because the temperature moved up to a wopping 56 degrees. Its odd how when it is in the fiftys after a long cold winter, it feels like the nicest weather in the world. I am really looking forward to summer, mainly because it will be warm. I haven’t really decided what I am doing this summer. I really want to go down to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Then I alos applied for a summer seminar for high school juniors, at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. The Seminar is a three week thing. You work with proffesionals in every field involved in theatre. I had to send in an application with three recomindations, so hopefully I get accepted. I will not know until May 15th. Another thing that may come this summer is my first job. I really dont want it, because jobs mess up the fun part of life. But apparently my parents feel its time I get one. My dad said to try to get a city job mowing lawns, but I was more looking for some sort of job that I would enjoy. So I was thinking; Working at a local theatre, not working, being in a play, or working at Jamba Juice. Hopefully the not working, and being in a play pull out for me.


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