Class Act.

I recently joined an acting class at the Lake City Playhouse, called Class Act, the class is an advanced acting class for ages 13-18. The class consists of 8 classes on saturdays over a course of 8 weeks. During those classes we get to work with proffesional in the areas of, acting, directing, voice, dance, lighting, costuming, stage managing, and stage combat. Then when the course comes to an end we will be presenting a major showcase that consists of; large musical numbers, smaller musical numbers, dance, movement, monolouges, contemporary scenes, shakespeare scenes, and possibly pantomime. Then when the showcase is over the members of the class(there is 15) become and acting troupe for the Lake City Playhouse. As an acting troupe we would travel around with minature sets and costumes and our own lighting and present shows at festivals and other events. One show they all ready know we will be doing a traveling production of is, “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare. Then it will be our job as the students to become the theachers, and take the skills we have learned and start educating a new group of people for the acting company as the older kids leave. Right now we have 15 talented people, all ranging in diffrent areas. The director in charge is named Brian Doig, he is the Executive Director at the Lake City Playhouse. Also helping is Todd Jasmin, he is the Artistic Director at the Playhouse, and Lauran Hamilton, she is a dance coach at North Idaho College. During each class a proffesional in some area comes in as a guest speaker so far we have had; Joe Jacoby, he is the Director of Theatre at North Idaho College(big HIPPIE), and Rebecca Monitz, who is the choir teacher at Couer D’ Alene High School(she is the teacher for my Musical Theatre class I have). Next week we are meeting with John Galgodos or “Goose”, the Lighting man at North Idaho College, and Jackie a local stage manager about costuming. It has really been a blast, and I can’t wait for more.

In other News: Its getting warmer slowly up here, and not a bad thing either. Its been around 50-60 degrees for some time now. The grass is slowly turning a rich green, or in the case at our house a mushy muck-do to the snow mold that developed over the long winter. Little flowers are starting to pop out of the ground and its starting to get really beautifull up here.

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