To Break…or not to Break!

Another play has been closed, to my unwanting! I know have quite a bit of free space. I went from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to Hound of the Baservilles, to Biloxi Blues, to The Importance of Being Earnest, since october! With not a single break. Now I have not a single thing do do. I really need to audition for something. I probably will audition for the upcoming show at the Playhouse “The lion in the winter”, its about King Henry. I might also possibly try out for the school’s play which is unknown as of right now. I have been in to this date, seven plays since october of my freshman year. To those who dont realize the time that is taken up by a single play, here is the breakdown. About two-three months of rehearsal, then 1-4 weeks of shows, so if you think about it, I have only had about 2 months in the last two years without a play going on. So as I said I NEED TO BE IN A PLAY!


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