In a few hours will be the beging of the end for “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Three months of hard rehearsal all over in the dimming of lights. It has been so much fun working with the cast and I have had a blast. Opening night was a great show. There was about 200+ audience members and they seemed to like it. The show went off with minor mess ups and some slight miss comunication between the crew members doing light, sound, and set changes. Although the audience didnt seem to noitice. We were very proud of our opening night, considering the dress rehearsal had been almost been a complete failure. Then the second night came, looking for a “second night let down” the show went off GREAT! Everything came together very nicely, charactres were well defined, and the Audience seemed to love it. We were rewarded with a standing ovation. Which is always a clue, that you had done somthing right. Grandma Larsen is up here in Idaho, and she said “Bryant your the best in the play, but I bet you dont believe me because I am your Grandma, but its true”. I never said I didnt believe her. Though I really dont think that, this cast is all amazing. Without eachother we would not have been able to pull it off. Although this has been one of the most fun theatre experiences of my life. Tonight I say good by to a dear friend, EARNEST WORTHING(ALGERNON MONCRIEF), Good BYE.


2 thoughts on “Earnest…out!”

  1. Boo you did a great job in this play. You cracked me up with your smirking portrayal of a rascal englishmen. Funny play, good cast.

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