The Englishman!

Final Dress Rehearsal for Earnest went off with only minor glitches. A few lines were dropped and the technical accpects were worked all the way out. We had a small audience for the pre-show of some odd 7 people. The seemed to enjoy it and we recieved some good hearty laughs. The energy was up and the show was perfect. Besides the fact that those few lines were missed. I can honestly say that tonight was our best rehearsal/show to date. This gives me a great boost in the expectations of the play. Mrs. Caloca(Theatre Teacher and Director) has for the last week been going into last minute wory panics. Thou tonight she was calm, and was by the end very happy with the outcome of the almost seemless performance. One of my favorite moments in the play is a scene were Algernon and Jack are fighting about this and that. While the scene is going we are constantly juggling around a tray of muffins and swipping them out of each others hands and scarfing them down. It gets a little crazy and by the end we have so many muffins in our mouths that its hard to talk. To add to it the pieces of muffin sticks in my braces and makes it so much worse. A few props were broken tonight by the rowdeness one of the Bulters, and lets just say fine china and a hand held fan are never more. Tomorrow is opening night. Which is sad because we only have 3 shows. Three months of rehearsal for 3 shows. Its very vulgar to only perform 3 times after three montsh of rehearsal. Honestly! The set is extrordinary, everthing almost perfect. I can say as of right now, its going to be one heck of a show. Hopefully!


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