The British, Calligraphy, and The Finer things in life!

The Importance of Being Earnest is nearing, tonight being the final dress rehearsal before opening! All is Fantastic! The set came out to be completly over the top, and far beyond what was expected. The final touches are being added, and I can promise that it will be a very comical and wimsical show. I have also been introduced during this play, to the “Fine Things” in life. Such as; Tea-time, tea cakes, cucumber sandwiches, bread and butter, cumberbons, double tounged neck ties, butlers, grand pianos, Fine China, Silver, and of course Calligraphy. I have for some time always wanted a calligraphy pen set. Well there is a little store next to the Couer D’ Alene Resort called the Zoo. Inside there is a variety of crazy and unnecessary do-dads and wizz-duds. So of course they have a wide variety of Calligraphy pens and inks. They had a great selection though the pricing was above forty dollars for most of it. In other words, the parents wouldn’t let me purchase it. I claimed I needed it for the play. Which is true, because in one of the scenes of the play. Algeron writes an address on his cuff for the manor house that belongs to Jack. Naturally this pen needed to be of the Calligraphy manor, due to the fact that the play is set in 1893. Well to say nothing of the least, I did not purchase it. In fact I purchased a cheaper version. I can allready tell that this will be my new hobby for some time. Calligraphy is very Artistic, and creative. Thusly it bends and twins nicely with my brain that is due to my creative and artistic mind. It also puts me in the mood of the play. Which is always a nice thing to have some connection to a character while not at rehearsal. It will take some work but I think I can get it down good, so some of you may be getting some creative and artistic letters in the future. I am terribly excited for the opening of the play. The costumes are great. All really british and I dare say of the fancy sort. I have two costumes. One is a smoking jacket that reminds me so much of Hue Heffner. Then I have a very nice tuxedo with tails, gold trimmed vest and a smashing tie. I might say that I look dashing. The other people in the play have similar costumes to mine but not as good. The girls in the play have very athentic 1890 dresses topped of with huge hats, and big attitudes. One scene of the play, I have to eat cucumber sandwhiches. To my extreme delight were not that bad. I guess the truth is, I am slowly becoming English. Its not at all a very bad thing. Its been very fun playing the charcater of Algernon Moncrief. Getting to blame the butler for there not being any cucumber sandwiches, while in reality I had eaten them all myself. Charming the girl, and playing a fun game called “Bunburying”. Bunburying is the act of creating a fake person that you can have miss fortunes fall upon, in order to get out of town or the country for awhile. Also the fact that Algernon is the biggest arss in the world. He has proven to be one of my favorite characters to portray. I just cant wait for opening night!

"Importance" Quotes

“The only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her if she is pretty, or to someone else if she is plain!”-Algernon

“If one plays good music no one listens, if one plays bad music, no one talks”-Algernon

“There were no cucumbers in the market…….I went down…..twice!”-Lane

“I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief!”-Algernon

“Of course you never wrote me any letters, you did not know me then, so I had to write them for you.”-Cecily