Biloxi Blues-Closed

Well Biloxi Blues Closed last night! It was a great closing night show and the run of the whole thing couldn’t have gone better. We got to record two nights of the show so I will be able to have a copy of it, which is awsome. This has been one of the greatest theatre experiences of my life. I am now looking forward to Earnest, and I am happy because the grandparents will get to come and see it! It is a little sad to say goodbye to a show. You get used to the weekend shows, and the constant rehearsal schedule. Then you perform, and it seems like as soon as it started, its over. Every play is a great chapter in my life, and Biloxi Blues was the best chapter yet. The Importance of Being Earnest starts March 1st and runs through the 3rd, and I promise will be a great great great great show! So Long Biloxi, here comes Earnest!


One thought on “Biloxi Blues-Closed”

  1. Bry,
    We could’nt be Prouder, You did a great job!
    It is very true I hate closing night it is always very sad for me.
    Looking forward to the next great performance.

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