A Christmas Story….. A Christmas Tradition!

The Christmas season is now upon us! With only two and a half hours till Christmas Eve the feeling of Joy continues to build. Today was more or less just a lazy old saturday. I felt it necessary to sleep till 12 seeing as I did not go to bed till 3 a.m. because I was watching the christmas classic “A Christmas Story”. I dont think you will find a better movie anywhere else if you tried. It has it all. The moments that we see in this movie are movie classics. One such being is the scene where Ralphy is let outside to play with his new Red Ridder BB Gun, and of course like his Mother, Teacher, and even Santa had warned him “Bang”. He had almost “Shot his eye out”. Then with some quick thinking he whips up some tears and well you know how it goes… A Christmas Story may be one of the greatest Christmas movies evermade, even beating “Christmas Vacation”, and “Home Alone”. In life there is always something holding you back, a “Farkas”, or a “Headless Duck”, A Christmas Story shows us how to face these challenges. Either by beating up your Farkas and cursing like a sailor, or by making the best of things while singing “Fra ra ra ra ra”. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without A Christmas Story to brighten up the Season. Its just as much a Christmas tradition as placing a large Christmas Tree in your living room. The best part is that on Christmas Eve and Christmas day it plays for 24 hours. Its on so you can catch the end but grab the first as soon as it ends. I tend to watch small portions throughout the day and as the day ends I have the whole movie watched. I guess the whole point basically is that its a good movie. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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