Prom and Theatre-What a Pair.

Well its been awhile since I posted last as you all well know by now. Alot has been going on. I will start with Prom. I had Junior Prom recently, due to the fact that I am a junior I decided to go. I went with a girl name sherry Jensen, and we had a great time. She had a show before and so did my friends girlfriend so we went to the show and then to the dance. We ended up only being there for an hour but it was still lots of fun. Rap music blared the whole time but there was a break when some heavy duty big band swing music kicked on and then it started getting fun. We got some pictures taken, they were pretty cool I will post them later. After words we went to go to Dockside-the local theatre kid hangout at the Couer D’ Alene Resort. Although it was packed with prom people and so a table without reservations was just out of the question. So we went from fine dinning on the lake to the local Denny’s on the freeway. Although I am glad we went because it turned out to be fun. Also the variety of people that come into a Denny’s on the freeway is quite entertaning. Honestly I had no idea that at one in the morning convoys of Buicks filled to the brim with old persons of many sorts; Old men with Members only jackes, Old women with oversized brouches, and of course the ever roaming old man/or woman with the old person limp. Anyway its one in the morning at maybe 45 old people just walk in it was a site to be seen. Well thats so much for prom. Now I will update you upon my theatre. Recently I have been involved in Biloxi Blues at the Lake City Playhouse. Its going great and I am really enjoying it. I am getting into shape for it and have lost some weight. Get ready to see me buff. Then I just got the lead in my school play, it is The Importnace of Being Ernest and I will play Algernon. I am very excited for that. Biloxi is in January, and Ernest is in march togheter both plays I have some odd 500 more or less lines.


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