I just got home from State Drama last night around three a.m. Well to start off I didnt place but in all, my mime and scene were put into the semi-finals so out of almost 800+ people I was top 16 in mime, and the same with the scene. The talent there was incredible for the Serious Ensembles and during our semi-final round the talent was even better. Then in my mime semi-final round the talent was also good but I had many people come to watch me and in their opinion I had at least taken 2nd our 3rd in the round. I was competing against one really good other mime and the others were funny but in all were not as emotional and serious as mime. Well I didnt make it to finals with either piece. I was proud of my scene we had done tremendous, although I was disapointed in how I didnt make it to finals and which mimes did.My third round was one of my best although the lady judging I guess didnt understand it and so my score was low in that round. Although I have to say for my first time at state it was a great experience and top 16 in state is a good place to be in. Here are my results from; the first three rounds, and my semi-finals round for my mime piece. I will post the scene ones when I get them back.

Round 1- Solo Pantomime.

Rank(1-4): 1

Rating(3-10): 10

Comments: Using the remote to start the music was very cleaver. Y’know I wasnt entirely too clear on whats was going on in this piece- Was the guy old? Did he die there at the begining? But I gotta say, I didnt mind. I would like to believe this was intentional- That it is left to us to decide Either way, your intensity and deliberate movements kept me glued. Very Nice! Iw ould have liked to know more about what happend, but wanting more our of a play is a good sing. Well Done. I was moved.

Round 2-Solo Pantomime.

Rank(1-4): 1

Rating(3-10): 10

Comments: Very good shaky hands to play the piano. Good thought and the yearning in his eyes was beautiful. The emotion that you portrayed was beautriful and the movements were very well thought out. Excellent Job! Bravo!

Round 3-Solo Pantomime.

Rank(1-4): 4

Rating(3-10): 8

Comments: Nice Movements. When playing the piano watch your hands one was a little higher than the other. Overall you did a nice job. I had a hard time staying with what was going on I didnt quite get it. But you still did a nice piece.

Round Semi Finals-Pantomime.(this round has three judges)


Judge One: 4,

Judge Two: 3,

Judge Three: 4


Judge One: 8

Judge two: 10

Judge Three: 9

In all these last scores for my pantomime were disapointing I know I did alot better than what they gave me, so Im happy to know that I achieved what I wanted to achieve and I was happy to have such a great experience.


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