Results from the District Drama!

So I got my result ballets back today and they have the comments and results on three diffrent papers for how I did at District Dram, so Im going to share those with you starting with;

Ensemble Serious: To Kill a Mocking Bird
Overall: 2nd Place.

Round One: Judge#1
Rank: 2nd

Perfect Intro. Facial expressions showed anger, fear, sadness. Both charatere were strong. Blocking works for the scene. Believable physical reactions. Great Job. Believable characterization with voices. Voices made the scene interesting. The voices built as scene went on Very Well. Youd did Great.

Round #2: Judge #2
Rating(3-10): 8
Provided author and title; setting or purpose not as clear for the intro. Characters were believable and no noticeable breaks from them were observed. Movment seemed appropriate and mostly natural, a few times the prosecutors movements with his glasses were a little distracting during the questioning. You varied in volume and tone which helped maintain audience attention. You appear well-rehearsed and confident. Keep it up!

Round #3: Judge #3
Rank: 1st
Rating(3-10): 9

In the Intro you can both slow down. Very good characterization. Good Eye contact. Very Good. She could have lowerd the pitch in her voice, He had great enunciation.

Solo Pantomime:
Overall: 1st Place

Round #1: Judge #1
Rank: 1st

The trembling was just excellent-you immediatly captured your audience and established your character. Very Powerful-Great Job!

Round #2: Judge #2
Rank: 1st

Good facial expressions. Your shaky hands are very realistic. Nice music for the piece-Good Job! You may want to move your sing out of the way in the future. Good use of the space. Watch the height of the piano keys they should remain in the same position. The begining and end were nice. Powerful.

Round #3: Judge #3
Rank: 1st

Effective emotion shown-well done. Your movements portrayed exactly what your world is. Timing was good, moved along well. Powerful.

So those were my scores and I felt pretty good about them, and I go to state on the 30th, we compete the 1st and 2nd and return of the third. So I hope I do well. State will be held in Maridian, which is a half hour from Boise. Im really looking forward to it.


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