State Bound!

So yesterday I competed in distric drama. District drama includes all the schools of North Idaho, with CDA High , Lake City High , Sandpoint High, Lakeland High, and many other smaller schools. Well I competed in Serious Ensemble-serious ensembel is a group scene with 2-6 people, I did a scene from the Kill a Mockingbird with my good friend Lindsay Delong, and when you compete you perform in a class room with other groups infront of one judge, and you do this three times. Well we performed our first scene and it went well and we went second to last. The groups before us had many mistakes and didnt really get inot their characters and their performances were so so. Then we went, we performed very well and it took us a while to calm down after because it is such an intense scene. Then the last group went and they were doing the death scene from Othello, and their scene was incredible and well performed. So that was our first round then we had our second round and it was similiar but we didnt compete with the same people, but agains diffrent people instead. We did very well during that round, and on our third round we did our best. Well after we were done with that we had to wait around for the results about three hours. We watched a free improv show and that was fun, then they came in and announced the results. There are many diffrent catogories you can perform in; Ensemble serious, Ensemble Humorous, and Origanl scenes, Ensemble Pantomine, Solo Pantomime, Audition pieces, Solo Serious, and finally Humorous Solo. Well the started announcing our category and that was Serious Ensemble, they announced the alternate first-who would go to sate if the other groups could not make it. They announced third place, then the came to second place and they announced a group and I wasnt thinking after this that we would even make first, but the lady stopped and said I think we have a tie for second and they called my group. It was great so on Nov 30- Dec 3 I will be in souther Idaho at state. Thats not all though! I saved the best news for last! I also performed in Solo Pantomime with a piece called “The Piano”- Its a mime about an old/crippled person who was once a great piano player but is now to old and has crippled hands that they no longer can play the piano and they fall asleep and dream of playing the piano again and slowly go back to being crippled. The piece is set to the music of “Man From Snowy River”, Jessicas Theme. Well I performed the piece against some great pantomimes, 18 participants and all of them were great, well the first round I did very well but compared to the other mimes I wasnt sure how mine would hold up, It seemed like it effected the room more but I wasnt sure. Then the second round I peformed and I had a female judge who when I was done was crying, then the third round I did my very best and I thought I had done a good job. The of course we went and had to wait for the results. I wasnt thinking I had even made it to state, maybe I had gotten alternit, but they read of that and it wasnt me so I figured oh well next year. Then they red off third and they had done great, then second was a friend of mine name Lizzy French-whos piece was intitled “A Mimes Nightmare”-she drowns in her box. Then She got to first place and paused, and then called out E-14-The Piano-Bryant Larsen-Couer’ D Alene High, so I took first in Solo Pantomime out of 18 people so Im really excited and so I got to sate with both my pieces and now I am off to state to compete. One of the judges of my mime came over to me after it was all over and told me that I had a strong strong chance at state that I had transformed the room and he thought it was one of the best mimes he has seen in a long time. So Im really excited and Im OFF TO STATE!


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