Enough Already!

Hey Sorry about the big gap in the Posting! I have been so busy latley that I rarley have time to do anything. With two plays(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Hound of the Baskervilles) and the constent homework. I have a class called Advanced Placement US History and every week we have 10 essays that are due every friday. It gets nutz trying to juggle everything into a perfect schedule but so far I have done it. Its not just homework from that class that gets to me, I have Spanish 2, Chemistry, Theatre 2, English, and Math that all give a good chunk of the fun stuff I like to call Home work. As of now I have turned everything in on time and have gotten at least a 90% or better on all my assignmetns(well accept for the first set of essays for the History class, nobody got higher than a 80% so that was a bummer but I think I got the hang of it) Well I really need to get back to the essays and math problems so I will write mroe in the future.


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