Shoot out on Lancaster!

So my Mother and I were driving home on Lancaster road in Hayden and we were going about 25 miles per hour when there was a loud BANG! The first thing i noiticed was a massive chip/hole in the windshield and my mom yelled “Look at the back window”. The back passanger side window was shattered. It was still in place but shattered. I kept driving because I wasnt sure if some one was throwing rocks or something so I didnt want to stop and get hit again. So when we got home I got out and looked and the back window had what looked like a BB/Pellet sized little hole were everything shattered out from and the windshield had the same little hole. So we waited fro my papa to get home and he thought it looked like BB gun shots too. So we called the Kootenai Sherriff and they sent a cop out who took the report and said that there probably wasnt much we could do about it and that it would cost around 600 bucks. And when the cop looked at it he said it was a BB gun and there proabably was no way to find out who did it unless a string of these events started. So that was fun for only my 2nd day driving with my permit. I dont have a car to drive and its gunna cost 600 bucks. Here are some pictures the first one is the back window at a close up sorry bout the reflection, the second is the windshield, and the last one is the back window from a far.


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