Grandpa Joe and the World around Him

So I play Grandpa Joe in Charley in the Chocolate Factory, and I am enjoying creating this character just like all the rest of them. This play is going to be pretty darn good. Grandpa Joe creates a very difficult challenge for me in a character sense. For one the person am playing is up in the age of 96-100 and as you all should know am only 16. Another is what voice to use. I tend to speak with the classic old man talk of high pitched excitment where as I would rather have the more intelligent voice at a lower pitch. I have only had a few practices but I find myself speaking in more than one voice threw out rehearsal. One of my favorite lines is “No Higher than My Knee!” which comes out at a extremely high pitched micky mouse scretch. That may be something I need to work on. But anywho its going to be another great show and I am really looking forward to it. I have only a couple weeks of summer left. Which is always a bummer but I am looking forward to school. I am going to work extra hard as to get into that college thing people are always talkin about. I have a couple honor classes but I dont think I am going to take them do to the fact that its all a bunch of busy work and I am not one with the time to make a poster of how I liked this or that book so much. So I might drop them and go for the basic. I always can take classes next year at the college. Which am thinking about doing anyway as to get some theatre and english and maybe foriegn language classes in. I have decided on which carrer that I am going to follow. I was leaning to Vet, but I have now decided on something that I think suites me a little better. Am planning on going to SUU(Southern Utah University for you none familiars) and get my major in Theatre arts. I know that by doing this I will expect a low income, small house, small car, ext. But its something that I can proably turn into something good. SUU offers a programe that as you are getting your major in theatre you can also get a teaching degree in which you can teach theatre in High Schools and Colleges which would be alright with me, Kids can be a bit crazy but I think I could calm them(a good kick in the head) But you never know I might change it sometime but I think its pretty much what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life. I would really love to be in the Shakespearean Festival it would be fantastic but you never know. This year at School(am a Junior am getting old) I will be taking Theatre 2(which I already had but at a diffrent school) and Musical theatre. In musical theatre you actuall do musical theatre. The class performs two diffrent Musicals threw out the course. It will be fun and maybe I will discover a hidden talent for singing and dancing, lets just hope I can actually carry a tune. I am looking forward to this school year with a positive attitude. My classes look good and I like what I see with the teacher situation. I cant say that am complaining about my life its pretty much fun all the time and am doing what I really like to do.


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