Booked Solid

So with the upcoming Play and my Drivers ed I have not a single drop of spair time. From Monday-Thursday I have drivers ed from 10-12 and then various drives inbetween. And then almost every nigh I will have rehersal for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am going to be having fun in the play, but the drivers ed is brutal. The guy that teaches it is a Demented Old Cirucs monkey. You can barley understand him and he thinks he is ever so cleaver. He uses this anology that makes no sense, “Its like pulling the plug in a bath tub and fighting the current.” Honestly who says that. I am excited to see Ty and his family who are coming up in september. I also start school on September 6 or 9 am not sure. I just am booked solid for the rest of my life.

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