200th Post-Celebration

Welcome one and all to the 200th post of Boo and Farley Speak Our Minds, as you all know this has been such and exciting year here in Northern Idaho. Alot has happend and alot has not happend. You have all gone through the timeless moments that I will never forget by reading this blog. You where there when I posted my first post and you where there when we hit the 100th post and your here today during the 200th post celebration. Please to the people that have attended summit a comment on this blog stating your name and a comment about the blog(your likes and dislikes) Be as nice or as harsh as you want. I want the truth from all of you. Now for those of you who do not attend within the next hour or three you are not eligible to place a comment on my blog. Thank you one and all for coming to the 200th post celebration. Take Care to look around at past post and remeber the posting will never stop so dont stop visiting.

Your friend, Your Pal, Your Blog Master, Your little Boo. Thank you for visiting and hope you have a great day!

Here are some pictures:

6 thoughts on “200th Post-Celebration”

  1. Congratulations on your 200th post. You have a great blog Boo, keep on keepin on. The only blog I have ever seen that is better is of course my blog but then you knew that. Blog on brother.

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