El Permito!

So as of today I have my permit, only a couple years short. I really should have taken drivers ed sooner. But anywho. I am legal well almost, I still have four more months of driving with the parents. But oh well. Well thats the most exciting news I have for now well. See yah!


Video of the Week!

So rehearsal for Chalie and the Chocolate Factory has been going great. I am really excited for it and its going to be pretty cool. And am almost done with Drivers ed, ONE More Class and ONE more drive. Its gunna be cool being able to drive and am looking forward to it. I added as you can see a Video of the Week section above. Check my blog out every week to see the video of the week. They will be ranging from, TV clips-Music Videos. So stop on bye and check it out every week!

Bryants Thinks on BigFoot!

Some folks think he is real some think that he is not. But for me he is more real than the fact that am going to open a water bottle and maybe drink half of it before I get a new one. There are many diffrent gags around showing the pictures of big foot but I have found one on the internet that is so real its almost scarey. Here it is Below : There are two reasons why I believe this to bet he one and only big foort. #1 if this wasnt the real bigfoot his face would look fake and #2 if this wasnt the real bigfoot he would be in the woods, so it proves that they do live among us and that they do once in a while come over to the Industrial parts of cities. Thats the truth believe it or not. Mostly believe it because its so true!

Grandpa Joe and the World around Him

So I play Grandpa Joe in Charley in the Chocolate Factory, and I am enjoying creating this character just like all the rest of them. This play is going to be pretty darn good. Grandpa Joe creates a very difficult challenge for me in a character sense. For one the person am playing is up in the age of 96-100 and as you all should know am only 16. Another is what voice to use. I tend to speak with the classic old man talk of high pitched excitment where as I would rather have the more intelligent voice at a lower pitch. I have only had a few practices but I find myself speaking in more than one voice threw out rehearsal. One of my favorite lines is “No Higher than My Knee!” which comes out at a extremely high pitched micky mouse scretch. That may be something I need to work on. But anywho its going to be another great show and I am really looking forward to it. I have only a couple weeks of summer left. Which is always a bummer but I am looking forward to school. I am going to work extra hard as to get into that college thing people are always talkin about. I have a couple honor classes but I dont think I am going to take them do to the fact that its all a bunch of busy work and I am not one with the time to make a poster of how I liked this or that book so much. So I might drop them and go for the basic. I always can take classes next year at the college. Which am thinking about doing anyway as to get some theatre and english and maybe foriegn language classes in. I have decided on which carrer that I am going to follow. I was leaning to Vet, but I have now decided on something that I think suites me a little better. Am planning on going to SUU(Southern Utah University for you none familiars) and get my major in Theatre arts. I know that by doing this I will expect a low income, small house, small car, ext. But its something that I can proably turn into something good. SUU offers a programe that as you are getting your major in theatre you can also get a teaching degree in which you can teach theatre in High Schools and Colleges which would be alright with me, Kids can be a bit crazy but I think I could calm them(a good kick in the head) But you never know I might change it sometime but I think its pretty much what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life. I would really love to be in the Shakespearean Festival it would be fantastic but you never know. This year at School(am a Junior am getting old) I will be taking Theatre 2(which I already had but at a diffrent school) and Musical theatre. In musical theatre you actuall do musical theatre. The class performs two diffrent Musicals threw out the course. It will be fun and maybe I will discover a hidden talent for singing and dancing, lets just hope I can actually carry a tune. I am looking forward to this school year with a positive attitude. My classes look good and I like what I see with the teacher situation. I cant say that am complaining about my life its pretty much fun all the time and am doing what I really like to do.

Booked Solid

So with the upcoming Play and my Drivers ed I have not a single drop of spair time. From Monday-Thursday I have drivers ed from 10-12 and then various drives inbetween. And then almost every nigh I will have rehersal for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am going to be having fun in the play, but the drivers ed is brutal. The guy that teaches it is a Demented Old Cirucs monkey. You can barley understand him and he thinks he is ever so cleaver. He uses this anology that makes no sense, “Its like pulling the plug in a bath tub and fighting the current.” Honestly who says that. I am excited to see Ty and his family who are coming up in september. I also start school on September 6 or 9 am not sure. I just am booked solid for the rest of my life.

Grandpa Joe

I will be playing the Part of Grandpa Joe in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. F0r those who are not familar with the book or movies. Grandpa Joe is Charlie’s Grandfather who goes with him to the Factory of Chocolate. Its going to be a blast and I am looking forward to it.

The Lady in the Water

The Lady in the Water, also by the same director as The Village, M Night Shyamalan. This movie has been getting some bad reviews. I personally went to this movie and found that like The Village it is one of my favorite movies of all time. The story is so original and so in depth which make it great. The music is also fantastic. Composed by the same person as The Village James Newton Howard. Its a must see and a must listen.