Treasure Island- A Checky Fellar Named Livesey, Dr. Livesey that is

According to spectators this man(Dr. Livesey) May be armed and Dangerous! Well this is me, in yet another play and yet again its at the Lake City Playhouse, and yet again I am english. If you had seen Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe then you probably would know of the incredibly checky little beaver that likes his fish with a bit of tea. Then we meet Dr. Livesey a Doctor and Officer of the Crown. His name is english his bow tie is english and I must say his rosie cheeks are more english than anything else. A man of courage(only at times when his gun isnt being pulled from his tight grip), a smart man, a man with a tast for a light tea and a bit of crumpets on the side. So opening night was last night and the show went good. It runs for about an hour with a fifteen minute intermission. Despite the fact that the day of opening night the director Laura Little was at my house and we where putting together the sound effects cd, the show went of with nary a bit of trouble. And as for the pirates I dispatched them to Kingdom Come!


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