Treasure Island

So I have been Involved in the play called Treasure Island, well its goin good so fare. I dont have all my lines down quit yet. Every One is doing very well and there is lots of good talented people too. but thats all as of now but more in the future. School is good and I am learded alot and stuffs. I am going to be lettering in Drama and I am also going to becom a member of the National Tespian Society which is a drama society. You had to have 60 points to letter in drama and of this year and last I had 64 points, and to join the thespians you had to have 10 points and pay 20 bucks but it is worth it. School is out in 12 days and I alm excited. I am looking forward to the Utah Shakspearian Festival with Grandma and cousins. But I will inform You more in a later day. I am still waiting for you to send me you lists.

Master of the House,
Bryant C. Larsen, Officer and Doctor


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