Ulf to…..PETER!

Last Night was closing night for the Play Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe. The First act was going great then during a scene where the Beavers are having dinner with the four children Peter(played by Luke Stormogipson) started gasping for breath. At first I thought he was choking but he coughed and it seemed to help so we went on with the scene. As soon as we where off stage he runs out side and he can barley breath he was starting to turn blue. But our next scene was coming up( A fight scene between Fenris Ulf and Peter) So Peter runs on stage still gasping for air. He can barley say his lines and then he starts to fight Ulf. Peter can barley move and he does not do all that he is supposed to do, but it worked. He kills Ulf and then we leave the stage. Peter goes running to go outside and just falls down. He had fainted and so one of the cast members ran out to the audience to get her dad who is a doctor. Then its intermision and everyone is getting worried because he still hadn’t woken up. so the Director Tracey Vaughn comes backstage and goes over to Dan Taylor(Fenris Ulf) Starts taking off his makeup and costume and tells him”Your going to fill in for Peter.” So Dan gets into diffrent clothes and takes all his makeup off. Because it is not his part he had to take a script on stage(Which he hid behind his shield) And the play went on. All the girls where upset so they where going at half speed and everything was kinda blah. But in the end Peter came out on stage and bowed but was still in pain and was probably going to the doctor I am not sure if he was going last night or today. But all in all it was one heck of a closeing Night!

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