Easter in Idaho!

So on Easter I slept in till about 9:30 then woke up and ate the breakfast(someone cooked I dont know who did) then played a card game with Tasha and Grandma Warren then got ready to go to the Playhouse for a play at 2:00. The show went good and we got a standing ovation or at least I think we did I could not see past the stage lights. Then after the cast had an Easter egg hunt and we talked for awhile it was fun. Grandma and Grandpa Warren had left to the airport around 2 so they did not get to see the show but they went to the first one and then one on saturday so I think they got the fill of it. We get a break for three days before we start again on thursday then go to sunday then we have a two day break then on Wednesday we are doing a show for Elementary kids. The Show starts at 12:00 and so I get to miss school for the day. Then we have three more shows after that. All nights so far have been sold out which is really awsome considering its 170+ seats. Grandma Larsen comes up in a few days and I cant wait to see her too. I like having people up because its not boring. Well I hope you all had a good Easter and Long Live the True King.(one of my lines)


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