Stage Fighting

Today we had a class on Stage Fighting. It was the best class ever. I think that I am going to quite school and become a swordsman. In the class we learned all the stuff we needed for the big battle scene at the end of the play. We learned the all to familure stage slap(as seen in all cousin week videos), The fake knee to the groin manuvre, to break some ones neck, also their spine, slice someones hamstring, cut out thier guts, fake punch, cutting someones neck in the front or back, faking a death, and the best of all elbowing the back of thier heads when slouched over from a groin kick. All in all I would call it productive day! The guy that tought us was a proffesional who did the fighting stuff from, many shakespear plays and other plays. He was really good at it. Although am not sure if I actually get to fight I learned alot. Sword Fighting is so awsome!


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